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Hello Dev!

By purchasing this pack you automatically have access to 500 sound effects to use in the most varied situations related to water, magic, swimming, walking in water, throwing objects in a lake, falling into water, bubbles, splashes, even creatures, and much more. most! :D

Don't get attached to the name
The names of the files were created according to the visual reference of when I made them, however you can easily use it for other animation that fits, for example, the "splash" files fit perfectly with falls, whether of people, or objects, "bubbles" files fit very well with spells, you can easily build your own sound effects with this pack.

Separate layers
The vast majority of folders have the complete sound effect and all the layers that were used to create that effect, so you can use the files as you see fit, having resources for a multitude of sound effects that can be created with these files.

Helping each other
By purchasing this pack you will be helping and encouraging me to create new material for the assets stores at a great price! :D

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  • Water Creature_01
  • Water_Step_01 - Water_Skill_01 - Water_Swim_01
  • Water_Jump_02
  • Water_Explosion_01
  • Water_Swim_Underwater_01
  • Water_Skill_03 
  • Water_Throw_Object_03
  • Water_Walk_Equiped_01
  • Water_Walk_To_Swim_01
  • Water_Walk_Equipped_02
  • Water_Creature_02 - Water_Swim_01
  • Water_Drop_02
  • Water_Drop_03
  • Water_Drop_04
  • Water_Explosion_02
  • Water_Jump_01
  • Water_Jump_03
  • Water_Jump_04
  • Water_Roll_01
  • Water_Shot_01
  • Water_Shower_01
  • Water_Skill_02
  • Water_Skill_05
  • Water_Swim_01
  • Water_Swim_02
  • Water_Swim_04
  • Water_Swim_06
  • Water_Throw_Object_01
  • Water_Throw_Object_02
  • Water_Impact_01
  • Bonus_01
  • Water_Bottle_01
  • Water_Bubbles_01
  • Water_Bubbles_Loop_01
  • Water_Drip_Loop_01
  • Water_Drop_01
  • Water_Drop_From_Bottle_01
  • Water_Drop_Long_01
  • Water_Drop_From_Bucket_01
  • Water_Ice_01
  • Water_Jar_01
  • Water_Little_Bubbles_01
  • Water_Little_Movements_01
  • Water_Little_Splash_01
  • Water_Movement_01
  • Water_Multiple_Bubbles_01
  • Water_Rain_Loop_01
  • Water_Shake_01
  • Water_Splash_01
  • Water_Splash_02
  • Water_Wave_01


Get this asset pack and 42 more for $30.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
90% Off
$9.99 $0.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.99 USD. You will get access to the following files: 84 MB

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