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Hello Dev!

This combat spell pack contains almost 200 different files so you won't be short of magic sounds!

Here you will find more than 50 folders, and inside each folder there is the complete effect + some layers such as "Cast" and "Impact", so for each spell, you may get two to three different sound effects.

It is worth remembering that these sounds are useful for a multitude of factors, magical sounds are everywhere in games! From opening a chest to defeating an enemy, so it's worth taking a minute to listen to them because I'm sure something in this pack will be very useful to you.

And by investing in this package, in addition to taking all this you still help me a lot to continue creating quality sound effects at an affordable price! :D

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  • Arcane_Spell_v1
  • Arcane_Spell_v2
  • Arcane_Spell_v3
  • Arcane_Spell_v4
  • Arcane_Spell_v5
  • Arcane_Spell_v6
  • Cast_Only_v1
  • Crystal_Spell_v1
  • Dark_Crystal_v1
  • Dark_Frost_v1
  • Dark_Spell_v1
  • Dark_Spell_v2
  • Dark_Spell_v3
  • Dark_Thunder_v1
  • Earth_Spell_v1
  • Fire_And_Crystal_v1
  • Fire_And_Thunder_Spell_v1
  • Fire_And_Thunder_Spell_v2
  • Fire_And_Thunder_Spell_v3
  • Fire_Spell_v1
  • Fire_Spell_v2
  • Fire_Spell_v3
  • Fire_Spell_v4
  • Fire_Spell_v5
  • Fire_Spell_v6
  • Frost_Spell_v1
  • Frost_Spell_v2
  • Frost_Spell_v3
  • Frost_Spell_v4
  • Frost_Spell_v5
  • Gravity_Spell_v1
  • Holy_Spell_v1
  • Holy_Spell_v2
  • Light_Spell_v1
  • Light_Spell_v2
  • Light_Spell_v3
  • Light_Spell_v4
  • Meteor_Spell_v1
  • Ray_Spell_v1
  • Ray_Spell_v2
  • Ray_Spell_v3
  • Ray_Spell_v4
  • Ray_Spell_v5
  • Ray_Spell_v6
  • Ray_Spell_v7
  • Ray_Spell_v8
  • Slow_Spell_v1
  • Spirit_Spell_v1
  • Summon_Creature_v1
  • Summon_Fire_Creature_v1
  • Summon_Spirit_v1
  • Summon_Thunder_Creature_v1
  • Water_Spell_v1
  • Wind_Spell_v1
  • Wind_Spell_v2

This package combine with this one: Magic Sounds - Sound Effects by Alan Dalcastagne (itch.io)

non-exclusive license – you’re free to use these packs in your commercial games. No license to claim as your own work.


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